By Studio is the personal art and projects of Bianca Yvonne, Seattle based artist. For the past two years she’s been creating art that attempts to balance minimal design and a need for chaos. Very much a prodcut of her environment, she is drawn to architecture, interiors, and astronomical behaviours. Her new work simplfies the past patterened abstractions into bold shapes and 3D spaces.



Currently Showing at

showing pieces at the Lusty Lady, a closed down strip club turned art space, in Seattle.

Past Art Shows

Lusty Lady Pop-Up, Seattle, May '16
Sasquatch Poster Show, Seattle, May '16
Cairo Art Walk, Seattle, Apr '16
Group Show, Chroma Clouds Gallery, Seattle, Mar ’16
Celestial Bodies, Common AREA Maintenance, Seattle, Mar ’16
Likelihood Pop-Up, Seattle, Feb ’16
Chroma Clouds Gallery, Seattle, Jan ’16
Stable Gallery, Olympia, Nov ’15
Decibel Festival Poster Show, Seattle, Aug ’15
Live Mural at Summit Block Party, Seattle, Aug ‘15
CHBP Poster Show, Seattle, Jul ’15
Design Commission, Seattle, Jul ’15